Membership Information

At Southern River Agility and Obedience Dog Club we offer annual memberships.

Classes are run in-line wih School Terms.  See the Important Dates page to see enrolment dates.


When first joining the club you will need to complete either Puppy Manners or Beginner’s Manners classes (depending on your dogs age. Please note that your puppy needs to be at least 16 weeks to train on the Dogs West grounds). These are our beginners/ entry level classes. To train agility you will need to complete one of the beginners classes and Skills Level 1. Dogs also need to be at least 12 months of age to take part in the Foundation Agility class. The term dates follow the school terms.

How to register

  1. Go to the Membership menu and select Join/Renew.  Complete the membership form and pay the annual membership fees (See below). Once your membership is activated you will receive an email.

  2. Go to the Events page and purchase a ticket for the Beginner’s Obedience classes called Puppy Manners (Younger than 6 months) or Beginner’s Manners (Older than 6 months).

  • Make sure you have a digital copy of your dog’s current vaccination certificate or titre test results to upload during registration (pdf, jpeg and docx are accepted files)..

  1. Once your registration is confimred (you will receive an email) please join the Facebook page to receive club updates and join your class Facebook page.


The first Beginners class of the term is held on the first Monday of the term at 7pm. This first class is compulsory.  All family members who will be handling your dog during the term MUST attend this session. Failure to attend this first class will result in cancellation of your membership. During this class your instructor will inform you of the time of your class for the rest of the term (either 7pm or 8pm)

Note: We only accept dogs who are at least 16 weeks of age. And have completed their final vaccinations 2 weeks before the start of training. These classes are large group classes on the oval. We do not offer puppy-preschool type classes.

Members with Multiple Dogs

Your membership allows you to train multiple dogs at our club. However, we have a one-on-one policy where you may only have one dog on the training ground at a time.

Annual Membership Fees

When you initially join the club you will need to pay your Annual Membership Fees to activate your account. Once your account is activated you can enrol in your class and will need to pay the Class Fees for the term (see Classes).

Membership Fees

Membership Type

Annual Fee




Permits one person to attend classes for a year



Permits two adults and two children (living at the same address) to attend classes for a year

Single Pensioner


Available to persons holding an Age Pension Card. An image of the card must be uploading when registering for membership

Family Pensioner


Available to two persons holding an Age Pension Card (living at the same address). An image of the card must be uploading when registering for membership


Term Fees

When enrolling in classes there is a Term Fee of $40 per term payable. This fee covers the cost of lighting.


To become a member of Southern River Agility & Obedience Dog Club, click here: Join or Renew