Agility Equipment Hire Request

Hire Fees

The deposit is refundable at completion of the trial once equipment has been checked by the club and minus any funds to replace or repair damaged equipment
The following table outlines the cost per day to hire


By submitting this form you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Hire below

Terms and Conditions of Hire
1. The Deposit is payable at the time this form is completed. No deposit No Hire.
2. The balance of Hire fee is payable 7 days upon completion of the trial
3. The hire fee is based on trial entry numbers so the hiring club must submit a completed catalogue to SRAODC prior to the trial date to determine costs. Prices are explained above.
4. The Deposit will be returned to the club once the equipment has been inspected post trial minus any fees for replacement/ repair of damaged equipment.
5. It is the responsibility of the club hiring the equipment to ensure that it is packed away correctly post trial and they accept a $100 repacking fee will be removed from the deposit if this is not done.
6. The hirer is responsible for all setting up of equipment including securing sheds. If a fee is incurred by SRAODC for caretaker or security call out due to pack away not being done correctly, this will be payable by the hirer.
7. At no time are SRAODC members or committee responsible for equipment when hired, whether they are in attendance as a competitor, steward or serving as a judge.
8. Any theft or loss to equipment will be charged to the hirer
9. We reserve the right to decline any hire and/or remove equipment from use
10. Equipment will only be used for the purpose it is intended
11. SRAODC accepts no responsibility for any injury to persons or animals no matter how caused
12. Children and dogs are not permitted in the sheds. Children are not permitted, by law to ride in the vehicle or on equipment trolleys