Welcome to the Southern River Agility & Obedience Dog Club

We operate at Dogs West on the corner of Warton & Ranford Roads in Southern River, Western Australia.

Our club is active in the dog community:

offering our members’ affordable classes in the disciplines of obedience, agility and rally-O
⇒ conducting obedience, agility and rally-o trials
⇒ conducting demonstrations of obedience, agility and rally-o
⇒ hiring our obedience equipment out to other dog clubs

We welcome both pure-bred and mixed breed dogs. Our classes are suitable for dogs of all ages. The only requirements are that your dog be fully vaccinated and wormed.

We teach using a positive-reinforcement training philosophy, where a reinforcer such as food or a toy is used to reward the dog for the desired behaviour. Training is conducted with the dog on a flat-collar. Haltis and harnesses can be used with the advice of your trainer. Check/choke chains and other correctional collars are not permitted.

We are run by volunteers. Any help that you can give is gratefully received.